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Artist Title Country & Year Catalog Number Format
AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night Long / Have a Drink on MeUK 1980Atlantic Records K 116007" Single
AC/DCHells Bells / What Do You Do For Money HoneyGermany 1980Atlantic Records ATL 11 6507" Single
AC/DCRock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution / Hells BellsUK 1981Atlantic Records K116307" Single
AC/DCTouch Too MuchGermany 1979Atlantic Records ATL 20 20612" Single
AC/DCHigh VoltageFrance 1976Atlantic Records 50257LP
AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapAustralia 1976Albert Productions APLP.020LP
AC/DCLet There Be RockNew Zealand 1977Albert Productions APLP.022LP
AC/DCPowerage (1978)Spain 1983WEA 50483LP
AC/DCIf You Want Blood You've Got It (1978)Spain 1982Atlantic 50532LP
AC/DCHighway to HellAustralia 1979EMI AP LP.040LP
AC/DCHighway to HellEast Germany 1981AMIGA 8 55 838LP
AC/DCHighway to HellJapan 1979Atlantic P-10719ALP
AC/DCHighway to HellUK 1979Atlantic Recors K50735LP
AC/DCBack in BlackCanada 1980Atlantic XDS 16018LP
AC/DCBack in BlackGermany 1980Atlantic ATL 50735LP
AC/DCBack in BlackUK 1980LP
AC/DCFor Those About to RockSpain 1981Atlantic Records S 90.471LP
AC/DCRock 'n Roll Singer (Birmingham 07/31/76) / School Days (Brussels 10/15/76)Yellow Vinyl 7" Single (bootleg)
AC/DCScottish Bastards (Edinburgh 06/12/76)LP (bootleg)
AC/DCCan I sit on your face girl... you can sit on mine (Adelaide 12/04/76)LP (bootleg)
AC/DCA Giant Dose of Rock & Roll! (Sydney Feb. 1977)LP (bootleg)
AC/DCBlues Booze N' Tatoos (Nashville 08/08/78)Red Vinyl LP (bootleg)
AC/DCFire Engine (Budapest 22/08/91)LP (bootleg)
ACCEPTRestless & WildSpain 1982Discos Victoria VLP-55LP
ACCEPTBalls to the WallSpain 1984EPIC PRT 25791LP
ACCEPTMetal HeartSpain 1985EPIC PRT 26358LP
ACCEPTMetal HeartUSA Promo 1985CBS Portrait BFR 39974LP
ALCATRAZZNo Parole from Rock'n'RollJapan 1983Polydor 28MM 0320LP
ALCATRAZZLive SentenceJapan 1984Polydor 28MM 0351LP
ALCATRAZZDisturbing the PeaceJapan 1985Capitol ECS-91114LP
AMBOY DUKES, TheMigration1968LP
ANTHRAXIn My World / Keep it in the FamilyUK 1990Island IS 4707" Single
ANTHRAXGot the Time / Who Put This TogetherUK 1990Island 10 IS 476Gatefold Clock Cover 10" Single
ANTHRAXI'm the ManUSA 1987Island 90685-112" Single
ANTHRAXBring the Noise / Keep it in the Family (Live) / I am the Law '91Spain 1991Atlantic 61466212" Single
ANTHRAXFistful of MetalUSA 1983Caroline CROL 1383LP
ANTHRAXState of EuphoriaGreece 1988Island VG-71476LP
ANTHRAXScreaming Architects from Hell (USA 1984)LP (bootleg)
ANTHRAXSeek and Destroy (Germany 03/1986, Eindhoven 1985)LP (bootleg)
ANTHRAXIndians (03/22/87)LP (bootleg)
APRIL WINEJuego del Poder (Power Play)Spain 1982EMI 10C 066-400.105LP
ASFALTOCapitán TruenoSpain 1978Chapa Discos MH-3600112" Single
ASTRAL DOORSAstralismSpain 2007Locomotive Records LM467LP
AVATARIUMHurricanes and ChaosGermany 2017Nuclear Blast 27361 39091LP
AXENemesisCanada 1983ARCO 79 00991LP
BANZAIVoy a tu Ciudad / Tu real SalvadorSpain 1983HISPAVOX 54902312" Single
BARÓN ROJOBarón Rojo Records
BARRICADANoche de Rock ∧ RollSpain 1983Son˜ua S-120LP
BARRICADANo hay treguaSpain 1986RCA NL 71759LP
BARRICADARojoSpain 1988Mercury 834 847-1LP
BARRICADAPasión por el ruidoSpain 1989Mercury 838 295-1LP
BARRICADAS/TSpain 1990Mercury 842 721-1Gatefold Sleeve 2LP
BARRICADAPor instintoSpain 1991Mercury 510-299-1LP
BARRICADABalas BlancasSpain 1992Mercury 512-821-1LP
BILLY COBHAMSpectrumUSA 1973Atlantic SD 7268LP
BLACK DEATHHere Comes The Wrecking Crew / RetributionUSA 1984Auburn AU7-0027" Single
BLACK DEATHBlack DeathUSA 1984Auburn AU-002LP
BLACK OAKRace with the DevilSpain 1978Capricorn Records 24 29 156LP
BLACK SABBATHBlack Sabbath Records
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTSecret VoyageGermany 2008SPV 91781Gatefold Sleeve 2LP
BLOQUEBloqueSpain 1979Chapa Discos 30101081LP
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTOn your Feet or On Your KneesCanada 1975CBS / Columbia PG 33371Gatefold Sleeve 2LP
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTAgents of Fortune (1976)Spain 1986CBS 32221LP
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTSpectresCanada 1977CBS JC 35009LP
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTSpectresSpain 1977CBS S 82371LP
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTMirrorsCanada 1979CBS / Columbia JC 36009LP
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTExtraterrestial LiveUK 1982CBS 222032LP
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTThe Revölution by NightUK Promo 1983CBS 25686LP
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTImaginosSpain 1988CBS 460036 1LP
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTCareer of EvilSpain 1990CBS 465929 1LP
BRUCE DICKINSONBring your daughter to the slaughter - A Nightmare on Elm Street 5USA Promo 1989BMG 1261-2-DJCD Single
BRUCE DICKINSONTattooed MillionaireSpain 1990EMI 068 79 4273 1LP
BURNINGMadridSpain 1988Timple 50.6038LP
CANDLEMASSMirror Mirror19887" Single
CANDLEMASSLiveUK 1990Music for Nations MFN 1092LP
CAREY, TONYSome Tought City1984LP
CIRITH UNGOLOne Foot in HellUSA 1986Metal Blade Records 72143-1LP
COVERDALE, DAVIDNorthWinds (1978)Germany 1985EMI Fame / Purple Records 1C 038 1575641LP
COVERDALE, DAVIDNorthWindsJapan 1978Polydor MPF 1178LP
COVERDALE, DAVIDNorthWinds "Vientos del Norte" (1978)Spain 1982Purple Records 10C 064-060.414LP
COZLas chicas son guerrerasSpain Promo 1980EPIC EPC 94027" Single
COZY POWELL & FRIENDSSooner or LaterIreland 1981Polydor POSP 3287" Single
CREAMLive Cream (1970)Germany 1981?RSO 2479 152LP
CRIMSON GLORYCrimson GloryJapan 1986FEMS SP25-5302LP
DAVID LEE ROTHSkycrapper1988LP
DEEP PURPLEDeep Purple Records
DEF LEPPARDHysteriaCanada 1987Vertigo 830 675-1LP
DEF LEPPARDHysteriaJapan 1987Mercury 25PP-227LP
DEF LEPPARDPour Some Sugar On Me198912" Single
DIAMOND HEADBorrowed TimeCanada 1982MCA Records MCA-5382LP
DIODIO Records
DIRE STRAITSAlchemySpain 1984Vertigo 818 243-12LP
DIRE STRAITSOn the Night19932LP
DOKKENUnder Lock and KeyCanada 1986Elektra 96 04581LP
DOKKENUnder Lock and KeyUSA 1986Elektra 9 60458-1LP
DOKKENBack for AttackJapan 1987Elektra P-13564LP
DOKKENBack for AttackUSA 1987Elektra 9 E1-60735LP
DOKKENBeast form the EastUSA 1988Elektra/Asylum 9 60823-1LP
DOORS, TheExtrañas escenas dentro de la mina de oroSpain 1972Elektra 500-3/4Gatefold Sleeve 2LP
ELFSit Down HoneyUSA 1972Eastern Artists 5015 29B7" Single
ELFL.A. 59Germany 1974Purple Recors 1C 006-96 4477" Single
ELFL.A. 59USA 1974MGM Records MG3-4974LP
ELFTrying to Burn the SunUSA 1975MGM Records MG3-4994LP
ESKORBUTOMaldito PaíSpain 2010Munster Records 72267" EP
EUROPEDreamer / Lyin' EyesJapan Promo 1984VIPX-17567" Single
EUROPEThe Final Countdown / On Broken WingsSpain 1986Epic EPC A-71277" Single
EUROPEOpen Your Heart / Just the BeginningSpain Promo 1988Epic EPC 635097-77" Single
EUROPEWings of TomorrowJapan 1984Victor VIL-6095LP
EUROPEThe Final CountdownHolland 1986Epic EPC 26808LP
EUROPEThe Final CountdownJapan 1986Victor VIL-28019LP
EUROPEThe Final CountdownSpain 1986Epic EPC 26808LP
EUROPEOut of this WorldJapan 1988Victor VILB-23001LP
EVORock & Roll BarcelonaSpain Promo 1983EMI P-0387" Single
EXCITERViolence & ForceCanada 1984Banzai / Megaforce Records BRC 1903LP
EXCITERViolence & Force (1984)Czechoslovakia 1990Globus 21 0050-1 311LP
EXCITERLong Live the Loud (1985)Czechoslovakia 1990Globus 21 0051-1 311LP
EXCITERUnveiling the Wicked (1986)Czechoslovakia 1990Globus 21 0052-1 311LP
EXTREMODURORock TransgresivoSpain 1989Avispa ALP-006LP
EXTREMODUROLa Ley InnataSpain 2008LP + CD BOX
EXTREMODUROMaterial DefectuosoSpain 2011Warner Music - DRO 2564671958 WE833LP + CD
FAITH NO MOREFrom Out of Nowhere19907" Single
FAITH NO MOREEpic19907" Single
FAITH NO MOREFalling to Pieces19907" Single
FAITH NO MOREI'm Easy19927" Single
FAITH NO MOREA small Victory19927" Single Yellow Vinyl
FAITH NO MOREFrom Out of NowhereEEC 1989Slash 886-663-1 (LASHX 19)12" Single
FAITH NO MOREEpicEEC 1990Slash 886-881-1 (LASHX 21)12" Single
FAITH NO MOREWe Care A LotHolland 1985Mordam Records MDR 1LP
FAITH NO MOREThe Real ThingSpain 1989Lndon 828 154-1LP
FAITH NO MOREAngel Dust + Midlife CrisisEEC 1992Slash 828 321-1LP + 12" Single
FAITH NO MOREKing for a DayUSA 1995Slash 0 9362-45723-1 22LP
FAITH NO MORELive at Roskilde Festival 90 (Copenhagen 1990)2LP (bootleg)
FAITH NO MORELive At Hammersmith Odeon (London 04/07/90)2LP (bootleg)
FAITH NO MOREReading 90 (Reading 08/24/90)LP (bootleg)
FOREIGNER4Spain 1981Atlantic ATL 50 796LP
FLOTSAM AND JETSAMNo Place for DisgraceUSA 1988Elektra LP
GARY MOOREParisienne Walkways19787" Single
GARY MOOREFriday on My Mind19877" Single
GARY MOOREWild Frontier1987Gatefold 7" Single
GARY MOOREAfter the War1988Gatefold 7" Single
GARY MOOREBack on the StreetsJapan 1978VIM-6185LP
GARY MOOREVictims of the FutureUK 198310 Records DIX 2LP
GARY MOOREParisienne WalkwaysSpain 1987MCA Records 255066-1LP
GARY MOORE AND FRIENDSNuclear Attack198112" Single
GARY MOORE & PHIL LYNOTTOut in the Fields198512" Single
GILLANRestless19817" Single
GRAHAM BONNETNight GamesJapan 1981Vertigo 7PP-337" Single
GREEN BULLFROGThe Green Bullfrog Session (1970)UK 1991Connoisseur NSP LP 503LP
GUNS N' ROSESSweet Child O'MineUK 1988Geffen GEF 557" Single
GUNS N' ROSESWelcome to the Jungle / Sweet Child O'MineUSA 1987Geffen 7-219017" Single
GUNS N' ROSESParadise CityUK 1989Geffen GEF 507" Single
GUNS N' ROSESPatienceUK 1989Geffen GEF 567" Single
GUNS N' ROSESPatienceUSA 1989Geffen 7-229967" Single
GUNS N' ROSESNight TrainUK 1989Geffen GEF 607" Single
GUNS N' ROSESYou Could me MineUK 1991Geffen GFS 67" Single
GUNS N' ROSESDon't CryUK 1991Geffen GFS 97" Single
GUNS N' ROSESLive and Let DieUK 1991Geffen GFS 177" Single
GUNS N' ROSESNovember RainUK 1992Geffen GFS 187" Single
GUNS N' ROSESKnockin' on Heaven's DoorUK 1992Geffen GFS 217" Single
GUNS N' ROSESYesterdaysUK 1992Geffen GFS 277" Single
GUNS N' ROSESSince I Don't Have YouUK 1994Geffen GFS 707" Single
GUNS N' ROSESSweet Child O'MineGermany 198812" Single
GUNS N' ROSESLive like a SuicideUSA 1986Uzi Suicide Records USR-001LP
GUNS N' ROSESAppetite For DestructionSpain 1988Geffen 924 148-1LP
GUNS N' ROSESG N'R LiesGermany 1988Geffen 924 198-1LP
GUNS N' ROSESUse Your Illusion ISpain 1991Geffen GEF 24415 (5L)2LP
GUNS N' ROSESUse Your Illusion IISpain 1991Geffen GEF 24420 (5L)2LP
GUNS N' ROSESCivil WarKorea 1991HEE JEE Records 0008LP
GUNS N' ROSESSecond Rake DemosFOULMOUTH 001LP (bootleg)
GUNS N' ROSESLive like a SuicideGreen VinylLP (bootleg)
GUNS N' ROSESHalloween in the Horizon (10/31/87)2LP (bootleg)
GUNS N' ROSESGrind (Pasadena 12/26/87)LP (bootleg)
GUNS N' ROSESJack Daniel's Tour 1988 (New York 05/09/88)2LP (bootleg)
HEARTDreamboat Annie (1976)USA 198?Starline Capitol SQ-12500LP
HEAVEN & HELLSee Black Sabbath Records
HEINZCountry Boy / Long Tall JackUK 1963Decca F.117687" Single
HELIXLong Way to HeavenUSA 1985Capitol ST-12411LP
HELLOWEENDr. SteinGermany 1988Noise 7 HELLO 17" Single
HELLOWEENFuture World / Starlight / A Little TimeJapan 1987Noise International / Victor VIZ-1Picture Disc 12" Single
HELLOWEENDr. Stein / Savage / Livin' Ain't no CrimeGermany 1988Noise N 0116-5Yellow Vinyl 12" Single
HELLOWEENWalls of JerichoGermany 1985Noise 08-1699LP
HELLOWEENKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part IGermany 1987Noise N 0057Gatefold Sleeve LP
HELLOWEENKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part IJapan 1987Victor VIL-28076Gatefold Sleeve LP
HELLOWEENKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part IPoland 1988Muza SX 2654LP
HELLOWEENKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part IIGermany 1988Noise NUK 117Gatefold Sleeve LP
HELLOWEENKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part IIJapan 1987Victor VIL-28129Gatefold Sleeve LP
HELLOWEENLive in the U.K.UK 1989EMI EMC 3558LP
HELLOWEENI Want Out - Live1989LP
HERMAN ZE GERMAN & FriendsS/TCanada 1985Capitol ST-12464LP
HOUSE OF LORDSHouse of LordsSpain 1988RCA / BMG PL 88530LP
IAN GILLANNaked ThunderEEC 1990TELDEC 9031-71899-1LP
IAN GILLAN, TONY IOMMI & FRIENDSWho Cares (Out of my Mind / Holy Water)Germany 2011EAR Music 0206660ERE LC 01666#0251 of 1000 7" Single
ILEGALESAgotados de esperar el finSpain 1984Epic EPC-26243LP
ILEGALESS/TSpain 1986Discobolo 17226Gatefold Sleeve 2LP
IRON MAIDENIron Maiden vinyl Records
JANIS JOPLINFarewell Song1982LP
JEFF BECK GROUP, TheBeck-Ola (1969)USA 197?Epic PE 26478LP
JEFF BECK GROUP, TheRough and ReadyUSA 1970CBS KE 30973LP
JEFFERSON STARSHIPDragon FlySpain 1974GRUNT Records BLF1-0717LP
JEFFERSON STARSHIPRed OctopusSpain 1975GRUNT Records BLF1-0999LP
JETHRO TULLSweet Dream19697" Single
JETHRO TULLLiving in the PastUK 19697" Single
JETHRO TULLBourée19697" Single
JETHRO TULLWitch's Promise19707" Single
JETHRO TULLInsideFrance 19707" Single
JETHRO TULLInsideGermany 1970Island 60140107" Single
JETHRO TULLLife is a Long SongUK 19717" Single
JETHRO TULLLife is a Long SongHolland 19717" Single
JETHRO TULLLocomotive BreathFrance 19717" Single
JETHRO TULLLocomotive BreathGermany 19717" Single
JETHRO TULLLiving in the Past19727" Single
JETHRO TULLLiving in the PastUK 19727" Single
JETHRO TULLThick as a Brick19727" Single
JETHRO TULLRing Out, Solstice Bells19767" EP
JETHRO TULLStand UpUSA 1969Reprise records RS 6360LP
JETHRO TULLStand Up (1969)USA 1982Chrysalis PV 41042LP
JETHRO TULLLiving in the Past1972LP
JETHRO TULLThick as a Brick1972LP
JETHRO TULLA Passion Play1973LP
JETHRO TULLMinstrel in the Gallery1975LP
JETHRO TULLToo Old To Rock'N'Roll: Too Old To DieSpain 1976Chrysalis CHR 1111Gatefold Sleeve LP
JETHRO TULLSongs from the Wood1977LP
JETHRO TULLHeavy Horses1978LP
JETHRO TULL"M.U." - The Best of Jethro Tull1984LP
JETHRO TULL20 Years of Jethro Tull19885 LPs Box
JETHRO TULLNothing is Easy (Stockholm 01/09/69)LP (bootleg)
JETHRO TULLMy God (Long Beach 04/19/70)LP (bootleg)
JETHRO TULLFlute Cake (Anaheim 10/18/70)LP (bootleg)
JETHRO TULLNothing is Easy (California 06/19/71)LP (bootleg)
JETHRO TULLU.S. Tour April 1972 Volume 2 (Norfolk 04/22/72)LP (bootleg)
JUDAS PRIESTJudas Priest Records
KANSASPowerGermany 1986MCA Records 254 426-1LP
KERRY LIVGRENSeeds of Change1980LP
KILLER DWARFS, TheThe Killer DwarfsCanada 1983ATTIC LAT 1178LP
KILLER DWARFS, TheStand TallUSA 1986Grudge Records GR0954LP
KILLER DWARFS, TheBig DealUSA 1990Epic 44098LP
KILLER DWARFS, TheBig DealUK 1990Epic 460812 1LP
KILLER DWARFS, TheDirty WeaponsUSA 1990Epic E 45139LP
KING DIAMONDFatal Portrait1986LP
KINGDOM COMEKingdom ComeSpain 1988Polygram 835 368-1LP
KISSI was Made for Loving You / Hard TimesJapan 1979Casablanca VIP-27527" Single
KISSShandy / She's so EuropeanJapan Promo 1980Casablanca 6S-67" Single
KISSShandyMexico 1980Casablanca 24727" Single
KISSI / The OathGermany 1981Casablanca 6000 7177" Single
KISSLick it Up / Not for the InnocentJapan Promo 1983Casablanca 7S-997" Single
KISSThrills in the Night / Murder in High-HeelsJapan Promo 1984Casablanca 7S-997" Single
KISSCrazy Nights / No, No, NoJapan Promo 1987Polystar D07R 20087" Single
KISSHotter Than HellUSA 1974Casablanca NBLS 7006LP
KISSAlive!UK 1975Casablanca CBSP 4012LP
KISSAlive!USA 1975Casablanca NBSP 7020 7982LP
KISSDestroyerUK 1976Casablanca CBC 4008LP
KISSRock and Roll OverUSA 1976Casablanca NBLS 7037LP
KISSLove GunUSA 1977Casablanca NBLS 7057-7.98LP
KISSDouble PlatinumUSA 1978Casablanca NBLP 7100-22LP
KISSDynastyJapan 1979Casablanca VIP-6678LP
KISSDynastyUK 1979Casablanca CALH 2051LP
KISSUnmaskedSpain 1980Casablanca 63 02 032LP
KISSUnmaskedUK 1980Mercury CALH 6302 032LP
KISSThe Elder1981Casablanca 6302 163LP
KISSCreatures of the Night (1982)Spain 1991Phonogram 824 154-1LP
KISSCrazy NightsSpain 1987Mercury 832 626-1LP
KISSHot in the ShadeSpain 1989Vertigo 838 913-1LP
KISSLive in Japan 80LP (bootleg)
KISSParis Rock City (Paris 05/22/76)LP (bootleg)
KISSSummer Tour '76 (New Yersey 07/10/76)LP (bootleg)
KROKUSMetal Rendez-vousUSA 1980ARIOLA OL 1052LP
KROKUSOne Vice at a TimeCanada 1982Arista AL 9591LP
LED ZEPPELINLed Zeppelin Records
LEIZESoñadorSpain 1988Nola! NS-159/27" Single
LEIZEFuturo para míSpain 1989Barrabás BS-0117" Single
LEIZEEn sus manosSpain 1993Barrabás BS-0227" Single
LIONDangerous AttractionJapan 1986ScottiBros. C28Y0262LP
LIVING COLOURLove Rears its Ugly HeadSpain Promo 1993Epic Arie 26197" Single
LIVING COLOURTimes UpSpain 1990Epic 466920 1LP
LORD SUTCH and Heavy FriendsHands of Jack the RipperUSA 1972COTILLION SD 9049Gatefold Sleeve LP
MANOWARMetal WarriorsSpain Promo 1987Atlantic 1580LP
MANOWARBattle HymnsJapan 1982Liberty K28P-270LP
MANOWARInto Glory RideJapan 1983Nexus K28P-409LP
MANOWARInto Glory RideUK 1983Megaforce Records MRI 169-666LP
MANOWARHail to EnglandUK 1984Megaforce Records MFN 19LP
MANOWARSign of the HammerJapan 198410 Records 28VC-1003LP
MANOWARSign of the Hammer (1984)Spain 1987Virgin E-206 639LP
MANOWARSign of the HammerUK 198410 Records Dix 10LP
MANOWARFighting the WorldGermany 1987ATCO 790563-1LP
MANOWARKings Of MetalSpain 1988ATLANTIC 7 81930-1LP
MARILLIONReal to ReelSpain 1984EMI 066 26 0303 1LP
MARILLIONClutching at StrawsSpain 1987EMI 066 24 0785 1LP
MAZOBalada Cafre / RebelatéSpain 1982Mercury 60 29 5647" Single
MAZOVive la Música I / Vive la Música IISpain 1982Mercury 60 29 5647" Single
MC5Thunder Express (1972)SpainMunster Records MR 149LP
MEGADETHMary Jane / Hook in MouthUK 1988Capitol CLP 4897" Picture Disc
MEGADETHAnarchy in the UK / LiarUK 1988Capitol CLP 48012" Shaped Picture Disc
MEGADETHHangar 18 / The ConjuringUK 1990Capitol CLPD 6047" Shaped Picture Disc
MEGADETHHangar 18 / The ConjuringUK 1991Capitol CLS 6047" Single
MEGADETHPeace Sells (1986)UK 1991Capitol Fame FA3242LP
MEGADETHSo Far, So Good... So What!Spain 1988EMI 072 74 8148 1LP
MEGADETHSo Far, So Good... So What!USA 1988Capitol C1-48148LP
MEGADETHRust in PeaceSpain 1990Capitol 068 7919351LP
MEGADETHSuper ColliderEU 2013Universal 0602537396795Gatefold Sleeve LP
MEGADETHSet The World on Fire (Toronto 04/18/1988)LP (bootleg)
METAL CHURCHMetal ChurchUSA 1985Elektra 60471-1LP
METAL CHURCHThe DarkSpain 1986Elektra 960493-1LP
METALLICAOne / The PrinceUSA 1988Elektra 7-693297" Single
METALLICAOne / Seek and DestroyUK 1989Vertigo 874064-77" Single
METALLICAThe Unforgiven19917" Single
METALLICAEnter Sandman19917" Single
METALLICAWhisplashUSA 1983Megaforce MRS-0412" Single
METALLICAJump in the FireHolland 1983Roadrunner RR 12551812" Single
METALLICACreeping Death / Am I Evil? / BlitzkriegBrazil 1991Vertigo 872 975-112" Single
METALLICACreeping Death / Am I Evil? / BlitzkriegColombia 1991Vertigo 842219-112" Single
METALLICACreeping DeathFrance 1984Music For Nations 12 KUT 11212" Single
METALLICAThe $5.98 E.P - Garage Days Re-revisitedUSA 1987Elektra 60757-112" Single
METALLICAHarvester of SorrowUK 1987Vertigo 870 614-112" Single
METALLICAEye of the Beholder / BreadfanUSA 1988Elektra 7-693577" Single
METALLICAEye of the BeholderUK Promo 1988Vertigo AJFA 112 bootleg?12" Single
METALLICAOne198912" Single
METALLICAKill'em AllUSA 1983Megaforce MRI 069LP
METALLICARide the LightningFrance 1984Music for Nations / Bernett Records SB 18026LP
METALLICARide the LightningUSA 1984Elektra 9 60396-1LP
METALLICAMaster of PuppetsUK 1986Music for Nations MFN 60LP
METALLICA...And Justice for AllHolland 1988Vertigo 836062-12LP
METALLICALive 'n' ReadyYellow Vinyl 7" Single (bootleg)
METALLICAMetal Up Your AssRed Vinyl LP (bootleg)
METALLICAThe Legendary Garage TapesLP (bootleg)
METALLICAFour Horseman in BrooklynLP (bootleg)
METALLICATerrör Incögnitö2LP (bootleg)
METALLICALive San Francisco - Oct 82LP (bootleg)
METALLICAPhantom Lord (San Francisco 11/29/82)LP (bootleg)
METALLICA... Let God Sort'em Out (San Francisco 1983)LP (bootleg)
METALLICAFucking Nuts (Zwolle 11/02/84)2LP (bootleg)
METALLICABrittish Assault (London 12/20/84)LP (bootleg)
METALLICADeath Mission (Castle Donnington 1985 + Demos)2LP (bootleg)
METALLICADisposible Heroes (Loreley 09/14/85)LP (bootleg)
METALLICAMonsters of Rock (Roskilde 07/06/86)2LP (bootleg)
METALLICAAppetite for Destruction (Köln 10/26/88)2LP (bootleg)
METALLICASanatorium 3/8/89 (Nassau 03/08/89)2LP (bootleg)
METALLICAEuropean Tour '90 (Zwolle 1990)2LP (bootleg)
METALLICALive in Philadelphia (Philadelphia 07/04/92)LP (bootleg)
METALLICAHeavy Thoughts Tonight (London 10/24/92)Yellow Vinyl LP (bootleg)
METALLICAHeavy Thoughts Tonight (London 10/24/92)Green Vinyl LP (bootleg)
METALLICALive Brasil 93LP (bootleg)
METALLICAWelcome Back! (Gothenburg 05/05/04)LP (bootleg)
MONTROSEI Got the Fire / Paper MoneyJapan 1974Warner Bros. P-1362W7" Single
MONTROSESpace Station No.5 / Good Rockin' TonightUK 1980Warner Bros. HM 97" Single
MONTROSES/TCanada 1973Warner Bros. BS 2740LP
MONTROSEPaper MoneyCanada 1974Warner Bros. BS 2823LP
MONTROSEPaper MoneyJapan 1974Warner Bros. P-8538WLP
MONTROSEOpen FireUSA 1978Warner Bros. BSK 3134LP
MONTROSETerritoryUSA 1986Passport Jazz PJ 88009LP
MÖTLEY CRÜETheatre of Pain1985LP
MOTÖRHEAD / GIRLSCHOOLSt Valentine's Day MassacreUK 1980Bronze BRO 1167" Single
MOTÖRHEAD / GIRLSCHOOLSt Valentine's Day MassacreUK 1980Bronze BROX 11610" Single
MOTÖRHEADLouie Louie / Tear Ya DownUK 1979Bronze BRO 607" Single
MOTÖRHEADOverkill / Too Late, Too LateUK 1979Bronze BRO 677" Single
MOTÖRHEADNo Class / Like a NightmareUK 1979Bronze BRO 783x7" Single
MOTÖRHEADBomber / Over the TopUK 1979Bronze BRO 857" Single
MOTÖRHEADAce of Spades / Guilty LoveUK 1980Bronze BROX 10612" Single
MOTÖRHEADBeer Drinkers and Hell Raisers / On Parole / Instro / I'm Your WitchdoctorUK 1980BIG BEAT NS617" Single
MOTÖRHEADGo to Hell / Iron FistSpain 1982Bronze B-104.1587" Single
MOTÖRHEADIron Fist / Remember me, I'm GoneUK 1982Bronze BRO 1467" Single
MOTÖRHEADI Got Mine / Turn you Round AgainUK 1982Bronze BRO 1467" Single
MOTÖRHEADShine / Hoochie Coochie ManUK 1983Bronze BRO 1677" Single
MOTÖRHEADKilled by Death / Under the KnifeUK 1984Bronze BROP185Shaped 10" Picture Disc
MOTÖRHEADDeaf Forever / On the Road (Live)UK 1986GWR 27" Single
MOTÖRHEADOverkill (1979)Japan 1981Bronze/Victor VIP-6774. Red OBILP
MOTÖRHEADOverkillUK 1979Bronze BRON 515LP
MOTÖRHEADBomberJapan 1979Bronze WBS-81289LP
MOTÖRHEADBomber (1979)Spain 1984Bronze I-201013LP
MOTÖRHEADBomberUK 1979Bronze BRON 523. Blue VinylLP
MOTÖRHEADAce of SpadesJapan 1980Bronze VIP-6751LP
MOTÖRHEADAce of SpadesUK 1980Bronze BRON 531LP
MOTÖRHEADNo sleep 'til HammersmithGermany 1981Bronze 203 801-270LP
MOTÖRHEADNo sleep 'til HammersmithJapan 1981Bronze/Victor VIP-6787LP
MOTÖRHEADIron FistJapan 1983Bronze/Victor VIP-6824LP
MOTÖRHEADIron FistUK 1983Bronze BRNA 539LP
MOTÖRHEADAnother Perfect DayGermany 1983Bronze 205 487LP
MOTÖRHEADAnother Perfect DayJapan 1983Bronze VIL-6055LP
MOTÖRHEADOrgasmatronUK 1986GWR Records GWLP 1LP
MOTÖRHEADOrgasmatronSpain 1987GWR Records / Victoria (VLP-218) 30.1184LP
MOTÖRHEADNo Sleep At AllHolland 1988GWR Records RR 9514 1LP
MC AULEY SCHENKER GROUPAnytime (Single-Edit) / What we NeedGermany 1990EMI 1C 006-1 47488 7Single 7"
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)Cry for the Nations / Bijou PleasuretteJapan Promo 1980Chrysalis WWS-17078White labels 7" Single
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)Armed and Ready / Bijou PleasuretteUK 1980Chrysalis CHS2455Clear vinyl 7" Single
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)Ready to Rock / Attack of the Mad AxemanSpain Promo 1981Chrysalis CHS-2541White labels 7" Single
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)Ready to Rock / Attack of the Mad AxemanUK 1981Chrysalis CHS2541Clear vinyl 7" Single
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)Dancer / Girl from UptownJapan 1982Chrysalis WWS-172627" Single
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)Dancer / Girl from UptownUK 1982Chrysalis CHS2636Clear vinyl 7" Single
MSG (McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP)Anytime / What we NeedGermany 1987EMI 1C 006-1 47488 7Single 7"
MSG (McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP)Gimme your Love / Rock 'Till Your're CrazySpain 1987EMI 006 147304 7Single 7"
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)Cry for the Nations / Armed and Ready (Live) / Into the Arena (Live)Japan 1980Chrysalis WWS-4100312" Single
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)Michael Schenker GroupJapan 1980Chrysalis WWS-81376LP
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)One Night at BudokanJapan 1981Chrysalis WWS-67159~602LP
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)One Night at BudokanSpain 1982Chrysalis CTY-1375(2)2LP
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)Assault AttackJapan 1982Chrysalis WWS-815202LP
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)Built to DestroyJapan 1983Chrysalis WWS-91064LP
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)Built to DestroyJapan 1983Chrysalis WWS-91077LP
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)Built to DestroySpain 1983Chrysalis CHR 1441LP
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)Rock Will Never DieJapan Promo 1984Chrysalis WWS-70188White labels 2LP
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)Rock Will Never DieJapan 1984Chrysalis WWS-701882LP
MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)Rock Will Never DieSpain 1984Chrysalis CUX 14702LP
NAZARETHLoud 'n' ProudCanada 1973AáM SP-3609LP
NIGHTWISHAmaranthGermany 2007Nuclear Blast 27361 1925112" EP
ÑU A golpe de látigoSpain 1986Chapa Discos 30101123LP
OBÚSSólo lo hago en mi motoSpain 1982Chapa Discos ZL-6017" Single
OBÚSLíos en el congreso / Doble vidaSpain Promo 1985Chapa Discos OOX-8257" Single
OBÚSEl que másSpain 1984Chapa Discos H-33071LP
ONCE DOCEHombre de Honor / Allí viviréArgentina 1977EMI YZLD 3377" Single
OZZY OSBOURNEFlying High Again / I Don't know (Live)USA 2011Sony Music 886978619777" Single
OZZY OSBOURNEMr Crowley / You Said it All / Suicide SolutionUK 1980JET 1200312" Single
OZZY OSBOURNEOver the Mountain / I don't KnowUK 1981JET 1201712" Single
OZZY OSBOURNEMr Crowley LiveUSA 1982JET 8Z8-3764012" Picture Disc
OZZY OSBOURNEPrince of DarknessJapan 1984JET 20AP 288712" Single
OZZY OSBOURNESpeak of the DevilUSA 1982CBS ZX2-383502LP
OZZY OSBOURNEBark at the MoonSpain 1983EPIC EPC 32780LP
OZZY OSBOURNEBark at the MoonUSA 1983CBS QZ 38987LP
OZZY OSBOURNETributeHolland 1987EPIC PEC 450475 12LP
OZZY OSBOURNETributeJapan 1987EPIC 35AP 3344~52LP
OZZY OSBOURNEBlizzard of Ozz / Diary of a Madman 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition BoxUSA 2011EPIC 88697 75147 2-S12LP + 3CD + DVD Box
OZZY OSBOURNEWarp MongerLP (bootleg)
OZZY OSBOURNEHeavy Metal Holocaust (Port Vale 08/01/81)LP (bootleg)
OZZY OSBOURNESuicice Solution (Indianapolis 1981)LP (bootleg)
OZZY OSBOURNECaptured Live! (Los Angeles 1982)LP (bootleg)
OZZY OSBOURNEThe Ultimate Metallian (Kansas City 08/24/86)2LP (bootleg)
PANZERPerro Viejo / Al pie del cañónSpain 1981Chapa Discos H-330807" Single
PANZERPanzer / SolitarioSpain 1982Chapa Discos H-330747" Single
PANZERGalones de plásticoSpain 1983Chapa Discos H-330857" Single
PANZERJunto a ti / VíborasSpain 1984Chapa Discos H-33.0907" Single
PANZERToca madera / Reina callejeraSpain 1985Chapa Discos OOX-7177" Single
PANZERPanzer / Junto a tiSpain 1987Lady Alicia Records DS-2227" Single
PANZERAl pie del cañoánSpain 1982Chapa Discos HS-35.056LP
PANZERSálvese quién puedaSpain 1983Chapa Discos HS-35.064LP
PANZERToca maderaSpain 1985Chapa Discos ZL-624LP
PAT TRAVERSMakin' MagicGermany 1977Polydor 2460 268LP
PATTI SMITH GROUPEasterSpain 1978Arista I-201128LP
PRAYING MANTISCheatedUK 1981Arista Arist 378Double 7" Single
PRETTY MAIDSRed, Hot and HeavyHolland 1984CBS 26207 (ncb)LP
PRETTY MAIDSRed, Hot and HeavyJapan 1984CBS 450281 1LP
PRETTY MAIDSFuture WorldSpain 1987EPIC 28·3P-607LP
QUEENSRŸCHEOperation: MidcrimeUK 1988EMI-Manhattan Records MTL 1023LP
QUIET RIOTMetal HealthUK 1983Epic A 3968Double 7" Single
QUIET RIOTMetal Health1983LP
QUIET RIOTCondition CriticalJapan 1984CBS/SONY 28AP 2901LP
RAINBOWRainbow Records
RAM JAMRam JamUSA 1977Epic PE 34885LP
RATTOut of the CellarCanada Promo 1984Atlantic 78 01431LP
RATTOut of the CellarUSA 1984Atlantic 80143-1LP
RIOTWarrior / Tokyo RoseJapan Promo 1977Victor VIP-2593White labels 7" Single
RIOTNaritaJapan Promo 1979Victor VIP-6623LP
RIOTNaritaJapan 1979Victor VIP-6623LP
RIOTNaritaUK 1979Capitol E-ST 12081 0C 062-86 129LP
RIOTRock City (1979)Japan 1981Victor VIP-4142LP
RIOTFire Down UnderJapan 1981Victor VIP-6773LP
RIOTRiot LiveFrance 1982Eleckra Fire-Sign 96 7969-0Mini LP
RIOTRiot LiveUSA Promo 1982Eleckra Fire-Sign 0-67969Mini LP
RIOTRestless BreedJapan 1982Eleckra P-11208LP
RIOTBorn in America Radio SamplerCanada Promo 1983Quality QUS 1008 PLP
RIOTBorn in AmericaCanada 1983Quality QUS 1008LP
RIOTBorn in AmericaJapan 1984FEMS SP25-5109-2LP
RIOTThundersteelSpain 1988EPIC EPC 460976 1LP
RIOTThundersteelUSA 1988CBS BFZ 44232LP
RIOTThe Privilege of PowerHolland 1990EPIC 466486 1LP
RONNIE DIO & THE PROPHETSThe Ooh-Poo-Pah-Doo / Love PainsUSA 1962Atlantic 21457" Single
RUNNING WILDPort RoyalGermany 1988NOISE N-0122LP
RUSHThe Trees / CircumstancesJapan Promo 1978Mercury SFL-22897" Single
RUSHThe Spirit of Radio / The TreesUK 1980Mercury RADIO 77" Single
RUSHVital Sings / LimelightSpain 1981Mercury 61 70 0897" Single
RUSHVital Sings / In the MoodUK 1981Mercury VITAL 77" Single
RUSHCloser to the Heart / The TreesUK 1981Mercury RUSH 17" Single
RUSHCaress of SteelUK 1975Mercury 9100 018 DE LUXEGatefold Sleeve LP
RUSH2112 (1976)Japan 1981EPIC 25·3P-267LP
RUSH2112USA 1976Mercury SRM-1-1079. GatefoldLP
RUSHHemispheresUSA 1978Mercury SRM-1-3743. GatefoldLP
RUSHPermanent WavesJapan 1980EPIC 25·3P-221LP
RUSHGrace Under PressureSpain 1984Mercury 818 476-1LP
SABBATHistory of a Time to ComeEEC 1987Noise 08-4455LP
SABBATDreamweaverGermany 1989Noise N 0132-1LP
SABBATDreamweaverKorea 1989Noise SIPR-032LP
SABLEAmigos Rockeros / Largo CaminoSpain 1986Citra CTR-S-0287" Single
SANTAMis noches tienen Rock and Roll / Al lado del diabloSpain Promo 1984Chapa Discos OOX-6747" Single
SANTAHeroe de Papel / ReencarnaciónSpain Promo 1984Chapa Discos OOX-6997" Single
SANTANo eres suficiente / D'Astaire ClubSpain 1985Chapa Discos OOX-7597" Single
SANTASin compasión / LevántateSpain Promo 1985Chapa Discos OOX-7897" Single
SANTANo hay piedad para los condenadosSpain Promo 1985Chapa Discos ZL-634LP
SAMMY HAGARVOACanada Promo 1986Geffen Records XGHS 24043LP
SARAYALove Has Taken its TollEEC 1989Polydor 889 293-112" Single
SAXONWheels of Steel / Stand Up and Be CountedUK 1980Carrere CAR 1437" Single
SAXON747 (Strangers in the Night) / See the Light ShiningUK 1980Carrere CAR 1517" Single
SAXONStrong Arm of the Law / Taking your ChancesUK 1980Carrere CAR 1707" Single
SAXONWaiting for the Night / Chase the FadeUK 1986EMI 55757" Single
SAXONWheels of SteelSpain 1980Carrere CAR 32147LP
SAXONDenim and LeatherUK 1981Carrere ARZ 37685LP
SAXONStrong Arm MetalFrance 1984Carrere CA 681 / 66.174LP
SAXONCrusaderSpain Promo 1984Carrere CRE 25883LP
SAXONDestinySpain 1988EMI 072 79 0066 1LP
SCORPIONSVirgin Killer / Hell CatJapan 1977RCA SS-30827" Single
SCORPIONSIs there anybody There? / Another Piece of MeatUK 1979HARVEST HAR 5185Green Vinyl 7" Single
SCORPIONSLovedrive / Coast to CoastUK 1979HARVEST HAR 51887" Single
SCORPIONSCan't Live Without You / Alwways SomewhereUK 1982HARVEST HAR 52217" Single
SCORPIONSStill Loving You / As Soon as the Good Times RollPortugal 1984HARVEST 20018677" Single
SCORPIONSNo One like You / The ZooSpain Promo 1985EMI 006 20 0643 77" Single
SCORPIONSStill Loving You / Big City NightsSpain Promo 1985EMI 006 20 0884 77" Single
SCORPIONSStill Loving You / Big City NightsSpain 1985EMI 006 20 0884 77" Single
SCORPIONSPassion Rules the Game / Every Minute Every DayGermany 1988EMI 1C 006-2 03057 77" Single
SCORPIONSLonesome Crow (1972)Germany 1976?Brain 200.191LP
SCORPIONSLonesome Crow (1972)Japan 1976?Brain Metronome UXP-703-EBLP
SCORPIONSFly to the Rainbow (1974)Japan 1976RCA RVP-6089LP
SCORPIONSIn Trance (1975)Japan 1976RCA RVP-6050LP
SCORPIONSIn TranceSpain 1975RCA NL 70028LP
SCORPIONSVirgin KillerJapan 1977RCA RVP-6155LP
SCORPIONSTaken by ForceJapan 1978RCA RVP-6232LP
SCORPIONSTokyo TapesJapan 1978RCA RCA-9147~482LP
SCORPIONSLovedriveJapan 1979RCA RVP-6351LP
SCORPIONSAnimal MagnetismJapan 1980RCA RVP-6458LP
SCORPIONSBlackoutJapan 1982RCA RPL-8107LP
SCORPIONSLove at First StingCanada 1984RCA RPL-8107LP
SCORPIONSIn Trance (1975)Spain 1985Mercury SRM-1-4085LP
SCORPIONSLove at First StingGermany 1984EMI 1C 064 2400071LP
SKINTrashed20037" Single
SKUNK ANANSIELittle Baby SwastikkkaUK Promo 1994One Little Indian Records/BBC 7" Single
SKUNK ANANSIEI Can DreamUK 1995One Little Indian Records 121TP1010" Single
SKUNK ANANSIECharity / Used / Killer's WarEU 1996One Little Indian Records 131TP19Blue Vinyl 10" Single
SKUNK ANANSIESkunk an' Insane? (Yes it's F**king Political)EU 1996One Little Indian Records TPLP85FP12" Single
SKUNK ANANSIESecretly: Optical vocal mix / optical dub mixEU Promo 1999Virgin VSTDJ 173312" Single
SKUNK ANANSIEYou'll Follow me Down: Rollo & Sister Bliss remix / Golden ashes mixEU Promo 1999Virgin VSTDJ 175412" Single
SKUNK ANANSIEParanoid & SunburntUK 1995One Little Indian Records TPLP55LP
SKUNK ANANSIEWonderlustreGermany 2010Ear Music 0205758ERELP
STEVE VAIPassion and WarfareUK 1990Food for Thought GRUB 17LP
STRAPPSTurn Out AlrightUK Promo 19787" Single
SUPERTRAMPS/T (1970)Spain 1985A&M records 319 149-1LP
TANKARDThe Meaning of LifeGermany 1990Noise International N 0156-1LP
TED NUGENT & THE AMBOY DUKESCall of the Wild (1974)Japan 1978Disreet P-7543WLP
TED NUGENT & THE AMBOY DUKESCall of the WildUSA 1974Warner Bros DS 2181LP
TED NUGENT'S AMBOY DUKESTooth FangUSA 1974Warner Bros DS 2203LP
TED NUGENTShock Waves EP: I Want to Tell You / Paralyzed / Cat Scratch FeverUK 1979Epic S EPC 77237" Single
TED NUGENTNeed you Bad / I got the Feelin'Spain 1979Epic EPC 71087" Single
TED NUGENTFlesh and Blood / Motorcity MadhouseSpain 1980Epic EPC 86407" Single
TED NUGENTLand of Thousand Dances / The TNT OvertureSpain 1981Epic EPC A-11357" Single
TED NUGENTBound and Gagged / Habitual OffenderSpain 1982Atlantic 117537" Single
TED NUGENTTed Nugent (1975)Japan 1978Epic 25·3P-62LP
TED NUGENTFree for AllJapan 1976Epic 25AP 292Gatefold Sleeve LP
TED NUGENTCat Scratch FeverJapan 1977Epic 25AP 592Gatefold Sleeve LP
TED NUGENTDouble Live Gonzo!Japan 1978Epic 40AP 872~3Gatefold Sleeve 2LP
TED NUGENTDouble Live Gonzo!USA Promo 1978EPIC EG 35069Gatefold Sleeve 2LP
TED NUGENTWeekend WarriorsJapan 1978Epic 25·3P-27LP
TED NUGENTState of ShockJapan 1979Epic 25·3P-121LP
TED NUGENTScream DreamJapan 1980Epic 25·3P-214LP
TED NUGENTIntensities in 10 citiesGreece 1981Epic 84917LP
TESLAFive Man Acoustical Jam19902LP
TESTAMENTPractice What you Preach1989LP
THIN LIZZYWaiting for an Alibi / With LoveSpain 1979Vertigo 60 59 2207" Single
THIN LIZZYChinatownUK 1980Vertigo LIZZY 67" Single
THIN LIZZYKiller on the LooseFrance 1980Vertigo LIZZY 77Double 7" Single
THIN LIZZYCold Sweat / Bad HabitsUK 1983Vertigo 810 433-77" Single
THIN LIZZYCold Sweat / Bad HabitsUK 1983Vertigo LIZZY 117" Single
THIN LIZZYThunder and LightningUK 1983Vertigo LIZZY 127" Single
THIN LIZZYThunder and Lightning / Still in Love With You (Live)UK Promo 1983Vertigo LIZDJ 127" Single
THIN LIZZYThe Sun Goes Down / Baby Please Don't GoUK 1983Vertigo LIZZY 137" Single
THIN LIZZYDedicationUK 1991Vertigo LIZZY 147" Single
THIN LIZZYCold Sweat / Bad Habits / Angel of Death (live) / Don't Believe a Word (live)UK 1983Vertigo LIZZY 111212" Single
THIN LIZZYNightlifeGermany 1974Vertigo 630 116LP
THIN LIZZYFightingUSA 1975Mercury SRM-1-1108LP
THIN LIZZYJailbreakUSA 1976Mercury SRM-1-1081LP
THIN LIZZYJohnny the FoxUSA 1976Mercury SRM-1-1119LP
THIN LIZZYLive and DangerousUSA 1978Warner Bros. 2BS 32132LP
THIN LIZZYBlack RoseJapan Promo 1979Vertigo RJ-7587LP
THIN LIZZYBlack RoseJapan 1979Vertigo RJ-7587LP
THIN LIZZYBlack RoseUSA 1979Warner Bros. BSK 3338LP
THIN LIZZYChinatown (1980)Spain 1990Vertigo 830 393-1LP
THIN LIZZYRenegadeJapan 1981Vertigo 25PP-31LP
THIN LIZZYRenegadeUSA 1981Warner Bros. BSK 3622LP
THIN LIZZYThunder and LightningJapan 1983Vertigo 25PP-83LP
THIN LIZZYThunder and LightningJapan 1983Vertigo 17PP-13LP
THIN LIZZYThunder and LightningUSA 1983Warner Bros. 1-23831LP
THIN LIZZYThunder and LightningUK Promo 1983Vertigo VERL 3Gatefold Sleeve LP
THIN LIZZYLive LifeJapan 1983Vertigo 20PP-57~58LP
TOMMY BOLINTeaserUSA 1975Nemperor Records PZ 37534LP
TOMMY BOLINPrivate Eyes1976LP
TRAPEZEYou Are The Music... We're Just The Band1972LP
TRIUMPHRock & Roll MachineUK 1978RCA PL 12982LP
TWISTED SISTERI Am (I'm Me) / Sin After SinUK 1983Atlantic A98547" Single
TWISTED SISTERBe Chrool to Your ScuelSpain 1986Atlantic 78948-77" Single
TYGERS OF PAN TANGSpellboundCanada Promo 1981MCA Records MCA-5235LP
TYGERS OF PAN TANGRendezvous19827" Single
UFOShootShoot / Only You Can Rock Me / I'm a LoserUK 1979Chrysalis CHS 2318White vinyl 7" Single
UFOA Couldn't get it Right / Hot'n'ReadyUK 1980Chrysalis CHS 24547" Single
UFOFlying UFO II - SpacerockFrance 1971Polydor 2310 197LP
UFOPhenomenon (1974)Japan 1977Chrysalis WWS-80917LP
UFONo Heavy PettingCanada 1976Chrysalis CHS 1103LP
UFONo Heavy PettingFrance 1976Chrysalis CHS 1103LP
UFONo Heavy Petting (1976)Japan 1977Chrysalis WWS-80919LP
UFOLigths OutGermany 1977Chrysalis 6307 598LP
UFOLigths OutJapan 1977>Chrysalis WWS-80896LP
UFOObsessionJapan 1978>Chrysalis WWS-81069LP
UFOSpecial D.J. CopyJapan Promo 1979Chrysalis PRP-8111LP
UFOStrangers in the NightJapan 1978Chrysalis WWS-50029·302LP
UFONo Place to runFrance 1980Chrysalis 6307 690LP
UFOForce It (1975)Spain 1980Chrysalis CHR-1074LP
UFOMaking ContactFrance 1983Chrysalis CHR 1402LP
URIAH HEEPReturn to Fantasy (1975)UK 1989Castle Communications CLALP 175LP
URIAH HEEPThe Best Of Uriah HeepUSA 1976Mercury R-123296 SRM-1-1070LP
URIAH HEEPAbominogJapan 1982Bronze VIP-6827LP
URIAH HEEPAbominogUSA 1982Mercury SRM-1-4057LP
VAN HALENWomen and Children FirstCanada 1980Warner Bros. XHS 3415LP
VAN HALENFair WarningUSA 1981Warner Bros. P-1097WLP
VAN HALEN1984Canada 1983Warner Bros. 92 39851LP
VANDENBERGVandenbergGermany 1982ATCO ATC K 50 904LP
VANILLA FUDGEMysteryGermany 1984ATCO 790 149-1LP
VARDISLets' goUK 1980Logo VARDIS-1 / FREE-1Double 7" Single
VARDISThe World's InsaneFrance 1981Logo 2473 936LP
VICIOUS RUMORSSoldiers of the NightHolland 1985Roadrunner 9734LP
WARRANTI Saw RedSpain Promo 1991CBS ARIC 26187" Single
WARRANTDirty Rotten Filthy Stinking RichSpain 1989CBS 4650052 1LP
WASPW.A.S.P. Records
WAYSTEDHeaven Tonight / Fire Under The Whell / Hell Comes HomeUK 1986Parlophone 12R 615012" Single Red Vinyl
WHITE LIONBig GameGermany 1989Atlantic 781 969-1LP
WHITESNAKEReady and WillingUK 1979United Artist BP 3637" Single
WHITESNAKEFool For your LovingUK 1980Liberty BP 3527" Single
WHITESNAKEDon't Break my Heart AgainUK 1981Liberty BP 3957" Single
WHITESNAKEGuilty of LoveSpain 1983Liberty 006 16520877" Single
WHITESNAKELove Ain't No Stranger/ Slow An' Easy / Slide It InUK 198412 BP 42412" Single
WHITESNAKEHere I Go Again / Guilty of LoveUK 1987EMI 10 EM 35White vinyl 10" Single
WHITESNAKEReady 'an WillingUSA 1980Mirage Records WTG 19276LP
WHITESNAKEReady 'an Willing (1980)Spain 1987EMI Fama 056 18 2904 1LP
WHITESNAKESaints & SinnersGermany 1982EMI 1C 064-83 350LP
WHITESNAKESaints & SinnersJapan 1982Polydor 28MM 0207LP
WHITESNAKESaints & Sinners (1982)Spain 1987EMI Fama 056 18 3350 1LP
WHITESNAKESlide it inJapan 1984Geffen Records 25AP 2680(GF)LP
WHITESNAKESlide it inJapan 1984Geffen Records 20AP 2966LP
WHITESNAKE1987East Germany 1989AMIGA 8 56 406LP
WHITESNAKE1987Japan 1987CBS Sony 28AP 3310LP
WHITESNAKE1987Spain 1987EMI 064-2407371LP
WHITESNAKESlip of the TongueCanada 1989GEFFEN XGHS 24249LP
WHITESNAKESlip of the TongueJapan Promo 1989YPL-031LP
WHITESNAKESlip of the TongueUK 1989GEFFEN GHS 24249LP
WHITESNAKEReady 'n Willing '802LP (bootleg)
WHITESNAKESnake Still of the Night (Battle Creek 06/26/87)LP (bootleg)
WISHBONE ASHThere's The Rub (1974)Germany 1984MCA Records 250 453-1LP
WISHBONE ASHFrom Page NewsUK 1976MCA Records MCL 1655LP
WISHBONE ASHJust TestingUK 1980MCA Records MCF 3052LP
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN'S RISING FORCEMarching OutSpain 1985Polydor 825 733-1LP
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEENStudio/Live '85Holland 1985Polydor 883 073-112" Single
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEENTrilogyJapan 1986Polydor 28MM 0515LP
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEENTrilogySpain 1986Polydor 831 073-1LP
Y&TBlack TigerJapan 1982A&M Records AMP-28055LP
Y&TMean StreakJapan 1983A&M Records AMP-28080LP
Y&TIn Rock We TrustCanada Promo 1984A&M Records AMP-28080LP
V/ADudes (Original Sound Track)1987LP
V/ADeep Purple and Split GroupsLP (bootleg)
V/AEspecial HeavyArgentina 1983Discosa SLIN 3293LP
V/AHeavy MetalSpain 1984PDI 555093LP:
  • Motorhead - Recorded Live
  • Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny
  • Black Sabbath - Paranoid
V/AHeavy Metal "At His Beast" Live in Germany '83":
Iron Maiden / Judas Priest / Def Leppard / Ozzy Osbourne
LP (bootleg)
V/AInvestigación del MercadoSpain 1978PolydorLP
V/AIron Eagle (Original Sound Track)1986LP
V/AJesus Christ Superstar (Ian Guillan)Spain 19712LP
V/AJesus Christ Superstar (Ian Guillan)UK 19712LP
V/AJesus Christ Superstar (Ian Guillan)USA 19712LP
V/AJesus Christ Superstar (Ian Guillan)USA 1970DECCA DXSA 72062LP BOX
V/ALove is All (From Roger Glover's Butterfly Ball)UK 1974Safari SAF EP 17" EP
V/AHear'n Aid1986LP
V/AHeavy Metal (Original Sound Track)USA 1981Full Moon / Asylum Records DP-900042LP
V/AMetal for MuthasJapan 1980EMI EMS-81317LP
V/AMonsters Of Rock1980LP
V/AN.W.O.B.H.M. '79 Revisited19902LP
V/ARock Aid Armenia1990LP
V/ARoadrunner SamplerCanada 1984Roadrunner Heavy 02LP
V/AThe Marquee Collection v21983LP